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Saturday Morning
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Good Morning!  I just finished an omelette, and soon am heading off to the club to work out.  Slept almost 9 hours last night, feeling pretty good.  But, I accidentally left my alarm on, so that was very rude at 5:45am.  Fortunately I fell right back asleep.  So, if you have been keeping up, you know that I have been sick.  Found out it was a sinus infection.  Day three of round one of antibiotics has come and gone.  Have to wait until 3/4 before I can get another set drugs.  Then another 3 days.  That had better kill it off.  I will be very happy to breathe through my node again.  I hate feeling like a slack-jawed mouth-breather.

Silly Apple, my iBook is delayed.  Bugger.  Another week before it will be here.  I want it now.  On the plus side, the Feds sent my money back within the 10 days promised by eFile.  Handy that.  (Hence, why I am getting an iBook).  And, btw, paid down the loan on my bike.  very nice.  I think it will be paid off about 2 years early :)  Yay me...

In tech news, I moved from Mozilla 1.7 to Firefox and Thunderbird.  I like these apps.  They do what you want and are not riddled with security holes.  Oh, I am sure they have them, just not like the crap that MS pushes. 

After working out, toadnae is coming over.  I think I want to go bowling.  I always considered bowling a geeky thing, but you know, what the hell, I am a geek.  I was on a bowling league in college, and I was pretty darn mediocre.  But it was fun.  For Christmas that year I got my own bowling ball, bag, and shoes, so I have the kit.

Well, time to head out I think. 

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LT says to tell you she'll happily go bowling any Sunday morning you're interested!

Cool. I'll see you Sunday Morning!

when i was 16 and on a choir tour, we went bowling and al, the bus driver, was helping me learn how to bowl. you know: this is how you hold the ball, this is how you stand, no move your hips more like this.... i bowled an 86. can you believe that i didn't figure out what al, the bus driver, was up to? geesh!

i think i would enjoy bowling again sometime if we could leave al at home ;-) .

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