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Happy New Year!!!!
mle292 and I had a good day yesterday. After spending some time at home with TehDae, we headed off to mattmn's to watch Torchwood and Dr. Who. We also got in Little Britain and Ruby in the Smoke. Afterwards I got stuck on the alley driveway and mle292 cranked on her back while we were unsticking the car. She took a bath and I fired up the thrower and cleared the driveway and walks, with some help from the now semi-recovered M. Then we went and visited cleo and romeoa. We apparently arrived shortly after tokenfanboy left. Salad-bowl ensued and then the 10 minute countdown to the New Year. Sometime around 12:30 we left and thus ends the story...

Happy January 1.

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Happy new Year to you to!!!!

Thanks for coming yesterday and happy new year to you all! I missed salad bowl? :(

More importantly, if you arrived shortly after tokenfanboy left, you also arrived just after hellbob and I left. :( I'm glad you were able to have a good new year's eve despite the overwhelming sadness I know you felt about not seeing us!

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