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New Projector
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Ordered an inexpensive (for projectors) BenQ DLP with appropriate connections from the bullseye online after visiting about 4 local places. Not many shops around town carry non-business projectors. Still has Component, Composite, S-Video, and DVI ins. It was reviewed very well for an entry level projector. Sad thing is, as 6 years have gone by, it is probably as good as my dead system which cost much much more. The biggest item I see lacking is a Lens Adjustment feature, which will likely lead to much previously unrequired dicking around. But, this is a better option at this time than completely reorganizing the entertainment room around a 50+ Plasma or Rear-projection DLP system. I just hope between the throw, zoom, and anti-keystone that I can get the image where it needs to be.

I did see a piece of beauty in my search, and if you have the means, there is this Sony unit that is freaking amazing. Only cost on the order 7.5x the BenQ.

Sometime next week I should be able to post my own review of it.

In other news, Liddell beat Ortiz.

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