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Much anger in him
After some family time at mle292's Dad's house, in which I had tasty chili and French-onion soup, caught up with M's Brother and Sister-in-law, and was solidly beaten in a nice game of chess, we came home. Read some email, started looking for the Heroes marathon listing (Jan 1, if you are interested). I even made a Google Calendar entry to remind me to record it.

M suggested watching a Tom Baker Dr. Who whilst she worked on some sewing. All good. Go to turn on projector. Wait for it. It powers up, I can here the fans spin up, no light. Well, the little red light indicating power is glowing, but no projection light. Then the fans slow down. Ok. Power down with the Big Red Button on the remote. Yet another reduction in fan spin. Wait. Turn it back on. Fans spin up, no light, fans spin down. Check connections, wait at least 5 minutes, use the actual power button on the back. Wait another 5 minutes, turn it back on. FLASHBACK to May. No little red light. No Fans spin up. No nothing. Motherfucker. Merry fucking christmas. I hate hate hate this. Ok, memory starting to catch up. 60 warranty on work! Surely it has not been that long since I got it back. Check records. 10/18/2006. That makes (math ensues) 66 days. Six days past the "Do it again, asshole." time limit. Much anger. Enough anger to bring down an AT-AT.

Fuck you Sim2. Fuck you Audio Perfection.

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sounds like you need a flat screen under the tree. :)

Flat screens are the work of the devil!

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