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Capt Jack
Clerks II: Funny, but not as good as the first Clerks. I still laughed damn hard. After watching the extras, I am glad Kevin cut some of the scenes. MMM, Cake!

Casino Royale: On Her Majesties Secret Service it is not, despite how hard it might have tried. Now I liked OHMSS, and I did enjoy Casino Royale, but it was rather predictable.

WTF? A new Bond-verse? It starts when? How long has he been doing this? Bond as a n00b? Again, WTF? And how was it the paper knew he was MI6? Remember what Alec Trevelyan said? "... an anonymous star on the wall at MI6 and only Moneypenny to mourn you." If all you get is an anonymous star, what paper is going to know who you are? Also, I never realized that Nassau an Miami were only a few minutes from each-other, or is that the magic of the movies that late at night you can just get a ticket from Nassau to Miami while racing to the airport?

But that Aston Martin, nice touch. Quite the nod to earlier Bonds, notably Goldfinger. But the new DB9 - Now there is a sexy beast. Anyone see close-ups of the gun? It did not look like a Walther PPK. It looked more like a Glock, or perhaps the Walther P99 which he used in Tomorrow Never Dies ("I asked Q for the new Walther...").

The Departed: Good old all-American street violence. I enjoyed this film. But for the whole movie, given the cast (Jack Nicholson, Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg...) I kept expecting Pacino or Deniro to suddenly show up....