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Too Much Religion
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OMGs! This town is so over the top religious, it is like a sickness. It is like the whole place is Jonestown. Only the Kool-Aid is the water. I thought not being able to buy alcohol at an LQ on Sunday was annoying. In the 'burb where I am staying, you cannot get booze at a restaurant on a Sunday! There are more churches around here... Eek I feel nauseated. Oh, and one of the fucking fundies (friend my 12 yr old cousin's) cannot watch Pokemon because it is Witchcraft and Devil Magic. Also, people around here are not asshats, losers, or fucktards, they have demons. Yeah, just pray for them, that is the answer. I am sure if they all prayed hard enough, cancer and AIDS would just go away. Of course, since it has not and will not by praying, I am sure these sheep have justifications galore as to why it does not.

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I recently learned at a Missouri Synod Lutheran funeral that aging and disease are the result of sin. But we shouldn't point fingers at the sick. We all sin.
I just don't see how you can think that and not use it to judge with.
Most people everywhere are crazy and stupid. Even a lot of the ones I like.

So god really designed us to be immortal and disease free, but we fucked it up by not following the rules? Wow. Really, just wow. I guess no level of argument about an omniscient and omnipotent (don't forget loving) deity understanding that the entirety of the creation was doomed to be tortured for eternity by having an unrealistic, arbitrary, oft misinterpreted, and contradictory set of rules would ever matter to these people. I could go on, really, but it is time to take food to Grandma. Not because I have to or god will torture me if I do not, but because it is the decent thing to do. Something people do for each-other because it is right. I should really try to relax, I am about to enter a den of christianity.

Just remember that whenever someone says "I'll pray for you", it's a Bless spell. It grants you a +1 to hit and +1 to all your Will saves vs their attempts to convert you. You also get +1 to all your skills, which means you get +1 to your statements if you end up arguing.

A friend and I who both run D+D campaigns were discussing a few years ago how many clerics it would take to bless America given that Bless is a 1st level spell and has a range of only 50 feet centered on the cleric. We concluded that there aren't enough clerics in America to bless it.

I'm sure that the people who believe that illness is caused by sin will change their tune when their own loved ones are diagnosed with cancer. It certainly explains why they're so dead-set against people having health insurance. They can't be compassionate until someone they love comes up against their impossible standards.

Have you ever done the math for "Angels watch over me" bumber stickers and door signs? Since there are at least 2 and assuming basic 8 hour shifts (with break and lunch coverage assumed) and weekends covered by parttime angels, with 2 week vacations and a stipend of sick time according to current standards (you don't think GOD runs a sweatshop do you?)means there are atleast 13 seprate angelic entities assigned to this self centered asshats life. I know the angels are numbered in the pentetuch and I think it's only about 1/2 a million. so that means alot of you guys are un-insured. It reminds me of the miracle of transsubstiation... God was my co-pilot, but we crashed in the Andes and I had to eat him

Let's unionize the angels

It's a good think I wasn't trying to drink something just now! I remember that conversation and that bumpersticker.

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