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Brutal like Monday Morning
Monday mornings. Ick. Oh, well. Short week for me! Off to MI for Thanksgiving per usual. Going to visit some relatives and consume copious quantities of Turkey.

I was double-booked on meetings this morning, then they were both cancelled, enabling me to actually get some work done, yay!

So, I have a new spreadsheet in my inbox. We need to enter our "Wins" and categorize them according to Bullseye Mission and Area's of Focus. I cannot wait to waste more time that I do not have on rewriting status information and copying in bits from emails into Yet Another Fucking Spreadsheet. If it was not going to be sent to D.Ops I would consider putting something in there from a Star Trek technobabble generator.

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So where are you going for the holidays??

How is everything with Diane and MLE??

This year, we depict perhaps the most important day in our shared past--
the first Thanksgiving! A day for maize, the Native American word for corn, a terrific turkey dinner, and brotherhood!
So, white meat and dark meat, take it away!
[Piano Plays]
~ Eat us, hey, it's Thanksgiving day ~
~ Eat us, we make a nice buffet ~
~ We lost the race with Farmer Ed ~
~ Eat us 'cause we're good and dead ~
~ White man or red man ~ From East, North, or South ~
~ Chop off our legs ~ And put 'em in your mouth ~
~ Eat me ~ Sauteed or barbecued ~ Eat me ~
~ We once were pets, but now we're food ~
~ We won't stay fresh for very long ~
~ So eat us before we finish this song ~
~ Eat us before we finish this song ~~
(ok name the movie)

much love krisy

I did not try to look it up, but I cannot place it....

All I get is the scene from the BBC HGttG where the pig-thing is asking them to eat him.

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