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Bad meta data
Technical Bear
Wow, here is a misplaced/mis-targeted ad for me:

It's Your Menstrual Cycle - www.MyMonthlyCycles.com - Track and calculate your menstrual cycles

Google fell down on that one....

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Hellbob used to work with a guy who would track his girlfriend's cycles so he would know when to expect her to turn into a psycho-hosebeast for a few days.

Maybe you can trade it in for a Harley.

not for you but for the others in the house

Now you can chart when to expect the #&*@(!*(*#&!* to hit the fan each month with this site. You will be able to predict PMS my friend - you may need it with 2 women in the house. I know my hubby wishes he was better able to predict it too. Fortunatly our dog is fixed so that is one less female to worry about.

much love krisy

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