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Caught up on BSG last night, or maybe it was the night before. Wow. Just wow.
Spoiler-free comments:
"OH! Didja see that?!"
"and, ooh-ooh that scene with the..."

And now I need a new user pic for BSG.

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I am among the many people who saw the mini-series and immediately panned the show. I have heard from a lot of people who are recent converts because of the last couple seasons. Gonna have to check it out when my impulsive collector friends buy the series on DVD :)

One word: REENTRY.

To quote my Scottish friend "FUCK AYE!"

BSG is pretty much the only decent sci-fi series on basic cable. The only other really good psuedo-sci-fi option is Heroes.

I'm not impressed with the recent Dr. Who... in fact, the more I review my fandom of Dr. Who, the more I think it's highly overrated. Most of the time, the writing is horrible (I can think of a few notable exceptions). The plots, awful. I can overlook the cheesy effects, that's just part of the package. But really... it kinda sucks.

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