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"Are you Saved?" is the question that greeted me as I sat down in the stall. Yes, for the second time in as many weeks, someone has left a "Fellowship Tract" (think Chic Tract) on the TP holder in the men's room. WTF? We don't let the Salvation Army ring bells, but someone feels their faith should allow them to ruin the sanctity of my shiahem. The first tract I tore up and threw away. This tract... this one I brought to my boss. And I said this is the second tract that I have found in two weeks. This is inappropriate. She agreed and is going to bring it up with her manager. She is rightfully concerned that if it is the second tract I have stumbled upon, then it might be more widespread and not just the restroom on our floor. Her boss also said it was inappropriate and he is going to HR with it.

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Look on the bright side...someone is going to feel "persecuted for their faith" out of this, and i think that guarantees them a place in heaven. You're a do-gooder without even meaning to.

Also? "Gah!" and *shudder*...I hate that sort of thing.

Instead, you should have made up some sort of "Atheism: The Right Choice for the 21st Century and Beyond" pamphlet and distributed it. See if anyone complained about that.

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Excellent suggestions. Perhaps if it continues I will do that.

I wouldn't leave anything behind to "counter" the tracts. Not only do I think proselytizing in the workplace is wrong, but it's also a form of trashing up the place with crap no one (generally) wants.

In a smaller company I'd send out a corporate-wide email notifying that someone has left behind the tract "Title Goes Here" in the bathroom and should pick it up at my desk. See if they have the balls to claim it, because litter-preaching is just cowardly as well as highly inappropriate. But then I'm the annoying bastard that used to send out replies to entire cc lists on email spam I'd get from coworkers/friends/family, including the snopes.com debunking. It only takes one or two of those to stop getting their crap.

I must be going in the wrong stalls in the girl side. My most memborable one was "so-and-so loves so-and-so alwaise"

My students aren't leaving me with any reading material in the stalls...just urine and feces. Count yourself lucky to have only felt "mentally" disgusted. The "Pissing Bandit" is as of yet uncaught.

Um...ew. How old are these students?

Junior High...and yes, gross.

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