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Workouts and Diet
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So i am doing the whole South Beach thing.  With protein supplements for my workouts.  In case I haven't talked this to death, I usually lift for about 1.5 hours (full body) three times a week, and do an hour of aerobic kickboxing 2-3 times per week.  Well, I just finished the initial Phase I two week purge.  I lost 6 pounds, which is pretty good, since my goal is only 15.  Plus as one friend said, and I am paraphrasing here, you get a lot less 'bang for the buck' when you are close to your ideal weight.  And I cheated and had wiredferret's Fudge and Lemon Cake.  Through excercise alone over the past 1-2 years, I have shaved off 7% body fat while keeping approximately the same body weight.  And yes, to brag, I can bench press my own weight.  Another couple pounds and my doctor will leave me alone...  And sadly, I even mostly gave up real eggs for my cholesterol.  I must say, egg-beaters have come a long way since I was forced to eat them in high school.  I try to make them into an omellet with fresh vegies.  Now I will shut it about the damn diet thing, except to say now I can have whole grain bread again (which is what I eat anyway) and fruit (my favourite snack)!

Had a good day at work today.  Finished up my portion of Month-End reporting.  Yes i realize that it is almost the end of this month, but there has been much to do that was in the way, plus we about doubled our load for month-end.  Next month we will have a better idea of timeline and workload and therefor be done much quicker. 

Time for dinner and a nap (since I am a little short on sleep today).  My own fault, I realize.  I didn't need to stay out until 11:30 last night, but I was having such a good time!

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(cackles evilly)
Not only am I a menace to diets, but my children are so entertaining they cause grown-ups to stay up late.

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