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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Ok, people asked me to post the meme, so tell me, if it even existed, why I am going to hell?

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Because you don't believe in it.

And I thought the first person would tell me it was because of my poor grammar...

For deleting posts. ;D

Because the trains run on time.

Maybe you're going the "special hell"

You can't somewhere you don't believe in.

Except New Jersey. No matter how much I try and deny it's existance, I still have to pass through it on my way up the east coast.

Kilt-wearing men aren't admitted to Heaven, but since they left the really good Scotch (as well as the Scots) in Hell, why would you go anywhere else?

To paraphase the old joke, your choice either for the company, or being from Minnesota you'd prefer the climate.

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