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The Blame Game
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Most of my friends acknowledge when they mess up. You own up to it, you learn, you move on. Not so in Congress. No, the Republicans try to muddle the message, surround themselves with children so as to prevent hard questions from being asked, and then, when all else fails, blame the media and the Democrats.


Oh, and they get Fox News to list the pedophile as a Democrat. Just to be clear, the pedophile is a Republican, and so are the people who covered it up, ignored it, and ultimately hoped it would just go away. And somehow, the Republicans are managing to confuse gay bashing and fucking underage pages. Not sure how they are doing on that front, but if anyone votes for those fucktards next month, they will have managed it.

If pro is the the opposite of con, what is the opposite of progress?

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Interesting. I wonder if there was a PR machine at work, or if no one fact-checks anymore?

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