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The Blame Game
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Most of my friends acknowledge when they mess up. You own up to it, you learn, you move on. Not so in Congress. No, the Republicans try to muddle the message, surround themselves with children so as to prevent hard questions from being asked, and then, when all else fails, blame the media and the Democrats.


Oh, and they get Fox News to list the pedophile as a Democrat. Just to be clear, the pedophile is a Republican, and so are the people who covered it up, ignored it, and ultimately hoped it would just go away. And somehow, the Republicans are managing to confuse gay bashing and fucking underage pages. Not sure how they are doing on that front, but if anyone votes for those fucktards next month, they will have managed it.

If pro is the the opposite of con, what is the opposite of progress?

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Interesting. I wonder if there was a PR machine at work, or if no one fact-checks anymore?

Better luck next time.

I like how the article says that "as someone has said in Washington before: 'The buck stops here.'"

That "someone" was Harry Truman, who was NOT a Republican. I still remember Bush using FDR quotes out of context in his last campaign and never attributing them. Ahhh... when the going gets tough...

Hey! If Hassert did resign, it'd be three in a row on Republicans leaving the position of Speaker of the House in disgrace.

Let's see... Newt Gingrich left amidst ethics violations, Bob Livingston was elected to the position but resigned before he started because Larry Flynt had naked pictures of him.

Hmm... what's worst - Using the GOPAC political action committee as a slush fund (Gingrich), Cheating on your wife while wasting millions on the Clinton witch hunt, or turning a blind eye to sexual misconduct among fellow congressmen... It's just so hard to pick.

Sex with a minor is wrong and he should be punished but the democratic party does not have the moral high ground here (nor does the republican)
Crappy people on both sides have been in office lets not forget Gerry Studds who had sex with a minor page and then to get off the hook said they were "I love" people ther looked the other way and reelected him over and over again. No one is confussing gay bashing with anything. In this case the leadership is dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. I think you need to not confuse a polictical party and pedophils. We aren't all the same. I guess with that logic all democrates have sex with multiple misstresses --raping some-- behind their wives backs in offices (usually oval) and kill their business partners in parks. your partisinship is showing and sometimes you paint with a broad stroke.
I do condem his behavior - it was sick and gross he deserves jail but he is responsible for his actions. His actions -- his fault -- free will.

Google "republican pedophiles" and then google "democrat pedophiles".

Here's my rant about it

Let me try to rephrase this -- immoral behavior is on both sides

don't lump republicans in with pedophiles

That is like saying all liberals are abortionists.

Yes crappy people are all around - don't generalize with your political bent

P.S. If I wanted to list the sex picadillos including sex with young children and republican I would not list a hyper-libral site as an accurate source -- urban dictionary is a liberal site with a bent towards democrates walking on water and the second coming of...

Yes, there are bad people on both sides.

I never thought of Urban Dictionary as left leaning, I just found it to be a repository of slang and leet speak. Unless it was the armchair site... They had the same information. Not sure where it started.

But, I will say this, unrelated to sex: The current administration has lied about so many things related to Iraq and Terrorism that we just expect it from them. Especially when the line is the same "I don't remember." After we hear from person 1 "Told him in 2003." And person 2 "Told him in 2004." And person 3 says "Told him 9 months ago," Then Hastert says "I don't remember that conversation," "I don't remember that," "I don't remember"... It a little difficult to believe that they have not been covering it up for years in the hopes that no one find out. And yes, I am lumping in Senate Republican leadership with the Whitehouse.

And you are correct, I do paint both parties with broad strokes, and I am sure there are good people in both the Republican and Democratic parties...

Well I guess I am just sensitive since the idea of violating children is so disgusting to me and the media and everywhere is trying to say if you vote republican your are a pediophile or at least condone it. Jackassess are jackassess. Personally I think if we found Foley in a closet with a rope I would say ... well nothing. I wish people would make people accountable for their actions and not try to chain it along OR blame it something else like I was molested bla bla bla.
The I don't remember game is one they all play
it is related to the "what is the meaning of is" game. The only way may of these assholes (on both sides) ever get elected is the dodge of "HUMM I don't know" and the publics short term memory.
I guess hindsight is the only thing with 20/20 vision.

The "I don't know" and the 'dodge' are getting extremely old.

I listened to two ads last night, one from the Dem who is in the lead, and one from the GOP who is behind by 15 points (according to recent polls). This is for the US Senate, candidates vying to replace Dayton, who is stepping down.

I saw the GOP ad first - Negative ad, attacking strawmen of the opponents's primary campaign issues using FUD. Shows old women on park bench talking to incumbant. Nothing about his record, nothing about his positions.

Then the Dem's ad, about 15 minutes later. No mention of the opponent. No negativity. Just her talking through 3 issues and her position on them and her past experience as Hennepin County attorney.

Next I see the the US Congress race is even more fun - talking about past personal associations is ok when you are beating on your opponent for attending a Farrakhan rally and writing a paper on it during college, but not OK when someone brings up your 1995 indictment of domestic violence.

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