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Ti Taz
Despite lots of Hype and pretty graphics, this is still a typical Korean MMO. Grindfest, poor translation, shallow quests... On top of that, it is from COG, which means they have an in-game store where you can buy things with real $$$. Lame.

First - Character creation. I do not want to be limited to three AT per race.
Second - Character creation. I would like to be able to select the gender for the Race/AT combination.
Third - Get your translations correct. This includes tense and plurals. Just one person who actually speaks english would be great.
Fourth - I would like to do something besides autohit for the first N levels. I understand things have a cost, and you need to work up to them, but come on, a drop is between 8-11 gold and most things for lowbies start at over 500? And anything worth anything is around 5K?
Fifth - instant open drops - FFS, give me more than 0.1 seconds to grab the tiny bits of loot that do fall. If you are in the newbie zone, and get an add, you do not have time to loot while killing the second/third mob. So someone runs in and grabs your healing potion or 8 gold. Nice.
Sixth - Oh, screw it, I just don't care. Uninstalled, installer deleted, disk defragged.

I am looking forward to Warhammer, Vanguard, and Spellborn. Maybe one of those will not suck. Stranger things have happened.

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I could tell from just the PC Gamer ad that Archlord was not targeted to my MMO interests. Skimming the website confirmed that.

Vanguard looks like an EQ2 clone. The art is very similar. Tradeskills look to be minigames (yay for pointless timesinks). Speaking of timesinks... corpse runs to get your gear back, no centralized banking (have to pay and wait for your crap to get shipped to your location from home), "realistically" PITA player economy (must travel to shops, no easy searching for items). Sure, I'll try it, but it sounds awful.

Spellborn's combat system sounds amusing, but we'll see how it actually plays. I haven't done enough research on the rest of the game mechanics to judge much else about it.

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