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The Shrub
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So, Bush had this to say in his interview with Katie Couric:

"There – it's – you know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror. "

Hmm. Perhaps because there was not one until you invaded? Could that be it? But she did not ask him that. She did, however, score a point with me when she corrected him:

BUSH: Well – the first thing I would tell people that – we weren't in Iraq on September the 11th, 2001, when 19 killers killed 3,000 Americans in the most brutal attack on our – on our soil – ever.

COURIC: But they were from Saudi Arabia.

BUSH: No, but they're – but– but they share the same jihadist mentality, this radicalism. See, that's the interesting thing about this war, Katie. It's – we're not facing a nation-state.

Quotes from and full transcript at:
CBS News

Of course, Bush's assertion is an oversimplification of many things...
First, he is specifically referring to civilians. And the US has had the luxury of fighting most of our wars abroad.

An estimated 25,000 American Revolutionaries died during active military service during the American Revolutionary War (8000 in direct combat, the rest of disease, POW, etc). I could not find civilian casualites for that war... Another 2200 were killed outright in the War of 1812. We killed over 600,000 of our own in the Civil War (over 210,000 KIA).

And another 200,000 US soldiers killed in WWII, which estimates place at a total of 62 MILLION deaths worldwide. Oh, and don't forget that almost as many US Soldiers have died in Iraq as civilians were killed on 9/11/2001.

9/11 was a horrible day, and a horrific act carried out by 19 dishonorable fucktards. And we should have spent our time and money on continuing Richard Clark's decisions to combat terrorism abroad and take out terrorists when and where we could. But the CIA was not up to the task and the military leaders did want seem to want to do it either. We should have also dropped the "war on drugs" but that is another topic for another time. But, we should not have invaded Iraq. And not on our own. We should have concentrated on Afghanistan and done the job right. By the time we got done with that, the rest of the world might have decided to stomp on Iraq or maybe tighten the sanctions and ended to rampant corruption of the oil for food program. (I might add here that most of the "illegal" oil ended up in the US...)

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And, the number of Iraq civillians (NOT soldiers, CIVILLIANS) killed *corporeally liberated* so far is somewhere between 41,000 and 46,000 so far.


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