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E&B Ripoff
Ti Taz
Danger Will Robinson, this is a Korean MMO.


That being said, if you liked E&B, you will love think this is an annoying rip-off. It is a twitch "spaceship" game, although the first several area's have you cruising at atmo level. Not sure if you ever get into space or not. The graphics are passable, for say 1998. Or, um, perhaps earlier. Like 1994. Not sure, my memory is a little hazy, but I seem to recall Wing Commander graphics being better.

Like E&B, you can get out of your ship between missions, run around, buy, trade, put stuff in your warehouse (costs creds). I have not yet found where I can sell my mission loot. There are four ships available and around 8 avatars, so on the ground, it looks a little like occupied Caprica.

It is a 1GB download, so it may take a while. It is free, although it appears you can spend real money on in game items through the store, which I attempted to visit (just to see, I am not actually willing to spend money on this), but the security certificate was rejected by Firefox.

If you want to try a free "space" shooter, go for it, but prepared to be underwhelmed.

Going to see if it gets any better now that I am getting used to the controls.

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Oh, and a note - cave missions suck.

If you're going to market to non-Koreans...

...please hire someone with more than rudimentary English skills to do your website and in-game translations. Understand the rules of plural names. Please figure out proper word wrapping, it isn't that hard. If I see one more asian MMO using "Gears" to describe whatever cool gadgets the game centers on I'll scream. Space Cowboy, it isn't a gear, it's a ship. ROSE Online, "gear" does not adequately translate to "go-cart", "airship", or "mecha".

Alternatively, maybe I'll just start referring to any object remotely interesting to me as a gear. "Hand me that gear there." "Watch out! Gear!" Whoa, nice gear!"

Do I have to say it? Uninsalled!

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