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I have a coworker who will be on vacation next week, and I will be covering for him on a project... I found this snippet in the last email the project manager sent to my coworker:
"This project has very high visibility and I would expect everyone to do everything in their power to make sure the tools are set up and running since testing was actually supposed to start yesterday."

Hey asshole, some people might think you are being passive aggressive. Furthermore, your agenda, updated on Tuesday, clearly shows what we would normally call UNIT testing starting yesterday, not the performance testing you are implying in your childish fucking email, in which case we would not be involved anyway. And besides that, when I tried to log in to your new servers yesterday, I could not connect to them, no pingy-pingy, so how the fuck do you think the software was supposed to be installed by the installation team, let alone started and configured by us?

Now since you have pissed me off, I may not even show up to your damn meetings, I might have to have my coffee break for those hours, or another project may develop more "urgency."