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OMG. What a warm-up. Run. Kick. run. run this way. run that way. run this other way. run some more. Now that you are wiped out, do inch-worms with push-ups down the length of the dojo.

My shirt was soaked, my towel drenched, my water gone, and then there was another 30 minutes. What a great class! It is most definitely the hardest I have worked and the hotest I have been since the AC was fixed in the dojo. I feel great now. You don't feel so great when there is 10 minutes left and your arms feel like they are going to fall off, but, that is why you go! If I could capture that in-the-groove kickboxing endorphin second wind rush...

And the motorcycle ride home with the air whooshing past and my shirt open. Ahh, what a way to end the workout.

Got home, and BGFE mle292 had dinner just about ready. Tonight is a good night.

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You are SOOO an addict. :)

Pretty soon you are going to be doing base jumping and other crazy shit just to fell that Mountain Dew EXTREME rush.

I have been looking forward to jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft, but the plans fell through last summer.

Tuesday was pretty brutal. If I'd known the "warmup" was more aimed to "wipeout" levels I probably wouldn't have pushed so much. The next 15 minutes of class was pretty much wasted as my limbs refused to function as requested. At least when my second wind hit the last half of the class turned out fine.

One thing I've noticed about inchworms is that they're a lot easier since I started yoga. Still pretty brutal on the shoulders, but far more tolerable now.

And Joe, it's "XTR3M3!!!1!".

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