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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Friday night - caught the early bus home, read email and headed out with jschmidt and S for Indian food followed by Deadwood and Night Watch. Deadwood is a very good HBO series. Night Watch is a fun Russian "World of Darkness" movie. BGFE mle292 took TehDae to Saxophone lessons and then they had dinner and watched some TV.

Saturday started with Yoga. I was the only student at the class, so I got some good corrections and we (the instructor and I) were able to just go for about the first 30 minutes and not stop. After 30 minutes we went into balance and headstands, then some more poses, then crunches and stretching, then half-lotus. Stopped by Microcenter and found a USB (1.1 and 2.0) WiFi adapter (802.11b/g) for TehDae's computer - sure beats running a cable to long away around her room, or up and over or another in the basement). Got home and then mle292 and I went to the hardware store to look at tile for the bathroom and get some items she needed to update the outlet in TehDae's room. Suddenly it was 5pm-ish and groceries needed to be purchased and things needed to be done in Robbinsdale, so I played WoW for a while and other people ran around.

Sunday - got up late again and got ready for PotC:DMC. We went to see it and met jschmidt and S there. Afterwords I had to run home and grab stuff I forgot then run out to the Wayzata Yacht Club, where my friend's boat is docked. Sailed around Lake Minnetonka for a few hours. What a blast! Learned about lots about sailing, even ran the port jib winch for a while (the tell tales will haunt me for a while :). Ohh, and we switched from a working jib to a genoa for more speed so I got to work the jib halyard twice. I also learned some knots. Er, well, learned is a bit strong. How about it was demonstrated, and i was able to make the knots with help. Got home and watched the last two Dr Who's, so I would be spoiler free when mle292 and TehDae got home from watching them. The timing was great - I had 4 minutes left of Doomsday when they got home.

Now I am at work and all the progress I made last week has hit a wall. Fill out three more forms. Have another request denied. Escalate to Manager. Explain escalation to my manager. Different issue - Database connection failed. Make another request. Argh. Coffee break. Doing much better now.

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where do you yoga?

i go to Bally's and had a great practice Sat. morning. it has been too long for me....

For yoga (and kickboxing) i go the to dojo Warrior's Cove just down the road at Texas (opposite side from Than Do).

http://www.warriorscove.com is the linky, they have a couple locations and are opening another in N. St. Paul sometime soon.

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