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Dr Who Audio
I am bereft of Doctor Who audio.
And I listened to my podcasts.
Time for music!

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Is Richard E. Grant supposed to be any particular Doctor? I suppose if I listened I might be able to figure it out.

Oh, a funny thing happened while I was on the first Audio Volume. I had left the player on Random/Shuffle. That was very confusing for the first few minutes.

Richard E. Grant was (for a time) the official 9th Doctor. The BBC is so large that quite often the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. A few years back, BBCi (the now-defunct internet service of the BBC) got permission to regenerate the Doctor from the 8th (Paul McGann) into REG. What BBCi didn't know was that Russell T Davies (RTD) was making a TV version of the show. REG came online about the same time that Eccleston was announced. So REG was kind of a one-off "unbound" (aka outside continuity). He was only ever in the one story and also he featured in a short story (written.)

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