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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Home from the con. So tired. But I had a blast!

I went to many panels and caught up with many people I do not get to see very often. I spent a good amount of time in the MISFITS party room, admiring all the hard work they put into the decorations.

mle292, aka BGFE, and I made the party circuit a few times (where she wore that very nice stripey dress and fishnets! MMM) and were able to spend much of the con together, except Saturday afternoon, where she volunteered to run lights for masquerade. I managed to sneak in twice and deliver water, coffee, and some snacks. I think she did a wonderful jobs of lights, especially given the length of time to work with the operation software.

I am not going to try to list off everyone I saw, so don't get offended if you do not see your name here. Like I said, I spent much time in the MISFITS room with mle292, davedujour, 7thstranger, kerros, mattmn, jmanna geohard, realsarah, hellziggy, cleo, and R and F (omg tall!). Cof^2e^2 was a favourite place to be, and the rice and PB&Js just kept on coming thanks to denae, scotia_girl, and davidkingsley.

I went to the BACON! party, which will have its innaugaral year in 2007. I got to chat with toadnae, lthomas987, kalmn and wiredferret. Maple syrup flavoured scotch is wrong. Just plain wrong. Also wrong is flavoured vodka with Pixie sticks. Together. Not complaining about the flavoured vodka, Wonka's was quite the place. IIRC it was the Alien Sex Shop that opted to mix in pixie sticks. Speaking of pixie sticks... Never mind.

Ran into J and kyu_to. Wow, kyu_to you are looking even better! Didn't even recognize you! (BTW, I gave Katie the thumbs up for the drive to new location for Sogecon).

Saw chebutykin with her blue hair (Yay! I voted blue!)

I also got to see Lorraine a' Malena in concert! That was fun! I loved closing with a cover of I'm your man! Fantastic!

There are lots of people I barely managed to even get to wave to, but it was good to see you none-the-less!

And to whomever did it, nice work on shoryl's hair!

It was also good to see the Mad-town crowd! Hope the last of the masks went too! And I might have recognized techdragon had the hat not been so low... ;P

Lets see, ID panel was fun, BSG was fun, the Dr Who panel I attended was a good discussion, and surprising low on the spoilers. I think I disagree with the panelists though. I like the David Tenant more than Eccleston. But I did not know which one was the hot one until until salad bowl. Thanks.

Oh, and I do wear my kilts regimental, but I would like to thank those intrepid souls who checked to make sure.

Nap time.

Oh, and TehDae starts Drivers-Ed in about 2 hours....

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Awww... you said nice things about me. :) Thanks!

It was a very good weekend. Thanks for everything!

And mightyj Didn't think you'd do that, but thanks!

it was nice to see you too! it was a too quick CON, though. Emily was quite the dish! meow! i had the best time ever! let's hang out again, maybe at your place next time? BBQ and a beer? you name the date and time.

Sweet! and thanks for the sweet comment, I look forward to our encounters in the future *hug*

Any pics?

Glad to hear you had a great time.

love krisy

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