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Ok, another beta. Another bad korean mmo. Yes, like Lineage 2 with shades of WoW. I think they used the same base code as RF Online and possibly the original Lineage. Standard unmodifiable GUI. Better word wrap though (it actually does it). 800x600 fixed resolution. Don't those Korean's have decent monitors? Same crappy unchangable font. Few character models per gender (3-4 faces, 3-4 hair, 3 clothing color sets). As usual, everyone starts the same (oh, wait, in this game you can assign 5 stat points between 3 stats). Totally strange Nav/Camera system. Move by mouse, and the normal movement keys (wasd) are camera control. Different take on the action bar. You can load 1-8 with skills. Instead of activating when you hit a number, that skill becomes your active skill. You use the active skill with your right mouse button. So not a whole lot of specials. And lots of clicking. You start with Ranged, Close, Black Magic, Light (or white) magic. White magic isn't what you think, it is a weaker version of the black magic spell (think air bolt as opposed to fire bolt). Somewhat decent magic effects, although you will be bored of them in about 3 minutes. You skill up by using that skill repeatedly. Want to focus on Black Magic? Kill everything using that. But get your loot immediately, as there is zero control of the loot. Once the critter is killed, the loot is on the ground, and it is open to everybody. It claims Ranged and Close (Bow and Sword) are autofire, but I found that does not work all of the time (remember the lots of clicking comment?). Beta, neh? Also, as it is still beta, CtD fun. Nice that it leaves the PC in 800x600 mode when it dies (OMG icons HUGE). Result: 1 hour, uninstalled. Now back to waiting for the WoW patch.

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"Bad Korean MMO" is pretty much the standard these days. It isn't surprising really, the games market is huge in the East and lots of little shops are looking to grab a slice of the pie.

You will find 800x600 quite common because they are targeting a low-end system like you'd find in an internet cafe (where a large portion of the clientelle plays). Non-configurability and non-customization of your avatar is par for the course due to ease of development and a culture that downplays individuality (at least separate from achievement, if you're uber it should show).

I've pretty much given up on even trying most new MMO's. There are maybe three due in the next year that I'd like to beta, that's about it.

Speaking of which, EA just bought out Mythic... guess Warhammer Online is set for maximum suckage, I hate how EA runs things.

Yeah, it seems that EA and SOE or the Death for an MMO. So sad what EA did to Earth & Beyond.

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