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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Wow. Party Time! Excellent!

Lots of people, OMG volumes of food. And Much fun!

Thanks to everyone who visited Saturday and shared your food, beverage, and birthday cakes!

Then Sunday, after much sleep, I played some WoW, went to the library and got my first library card since college, checked out a magazine (MacWorld), as well as some items for mle292 who had conveniently forgotten her card "in her other pants." Jeebus, I thought only guys used that excuse had that problem.

To the Dojo! A/C was fixed! I was not ready to pass out due to heat exhaustion! Great workout, still sweat buckets (or at least enough to soak my shirt), but it was a good time. At some leftovers for dinner and back to WoW for another hour and teamed with some people to beat on Blackrock Orcs.

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Glad you all had a great time. I really kept trying to get over there throughout the day but a number of problems kept cropping up to keep me from doing so. There's always next time!

And you are always welcome!

my arms are sore from table hockey.

So seriously.

Fortunately, the goalies were uninjured.

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