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Interesting news out of Redmond
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From CNet (http://news.com.com/Microsoft+looks+beyond+Gates+for+new+ideas/2100-1014_3-6085030.html):
But while the company is looking for individual leaders, the company is also aiming to further democratize its technical leadership. A key part of that is a new internal communications system designed to allow workers to spitball ideas on where the company should be headed, CNET News.com has learned.

In an interview Thursday, Gates said that the system, known as Quests, is still in the early stages of development. Still, it "gets us to be really specific about the future of the home, the future of the office, the future of the data center," Gates said.

This is perhaps much more interesting that The Bill stepping back. I think this is what some big companies are missing. Perhaps it is because it much easier to execute on this type of thing at a smaller company. Maryville had this type of interaction, where we bantered around ideas on technology, service offering, training, process, etc. The Bullseye is missing this, and I have looked into a "technology council" that is a sponsored sub-organization, but it does not seem to exist, or at least I cannot find it. Maybe it is because we are not a technology company. I still think organizations need a big picture view of process and technology, one that is not a management vision (separating organization vision/mission from technology futures). Something for me to think on.