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Wonders never cease
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I should be headed over to jschmidt's right now, but I saw something on the way home, and I needed to mention it.

I saw two Minneapolis cops on Nicollet Mall. But wait, that is not the exciting part. Wait for it... On Segways. Yep. Black and White Segways. Complete with a front pouch thing, and motorcycle-like hard saddle-bags attached to the center piece. About half the bus turned and looked at them.

Very nifty.

Now I have seen police cars, police motorcycles, police helicopters, police planes, police boats, police horses, police bicycles, and now police segways. And of course police on their feet and police dogs, but since the canines are not for transportation I did not put them on the list.

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those are transit cops, according to the article in the Star Tribune at least

Thanks for the info! I did not get a good look at their uniforms...

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