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He talks a good game
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From various news sources - The Bill is stepping down.

He said he plans to give away most of his fortune, leaving only a small portion to his three sons.

The Gates Foundation, with assets of $29-billion (U.S.), has focused on providing health care services and medicine to the poor in Africa and India, but has also been a major benefactor of public schools in the United States.

“I believe that with great wealth comes great responsibility — responsibility to give back to society, responsibility to see that those resources are put to work in the best possible way to help those most in need,” Mr. Gates said.

And apparently he reads Stan Lee. Maybe now that he is the richest man on the planet and will no longer be focus on world domination it is possible that he is will no longer be evil. Although, I do not like to focus on one person for their companies actions, sometimes it is difficult to separate them. But I shall focus on happy thoughts right now, Bill is giving away money to help people. Nothing wrong with that. History will have to judge whether or not his karma is balanced.

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Just curious: Is there anyone you respect, like, or appreciate? Anyone?

That is an awesome question.

I thought Bill Clinton did a heck of a job as president. Lots of people will disagree with me there, but I like Bill. Another Bill I like is Bill Maher. His humor can be crass, and he makes fun of people who order fru-fru drinks at Starbucks, but overall, I think he has courage to use humor like few others. And since I am on a Bill kick, William Gibson, the father of cyberpunk, is one of my favourite authors.

I would start thinking of other people (non-famous types), like Eve and Dave Cole (Philosophy profs at UMD), and why I like/respect/appreciate them, but I must get some data diving complete in the next 45 minutes...

What is the general feeling around campus?

Mostly a shrug. He's been spending more and more time studying malarial transmission, and less on data transmission. But after 20+ years, I'd be bored, too.

The company is not the person.

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