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Back at it
Happy Valentines Day All!  Even you sarahisagoddess ;P

Cold is lifting a bit.  I can occasionally breathe through my nose.  So I hit the gym tonight.  Did the Valentines thing last night.  As usual, Its Greek to Me does not disappoint.  Workout was good.  Got in about 1:30 or so.  Got fairly tired working out, but felt good, since I had not been in for a week.  I should be in kickboxing tomorrow and I hope to be up to speed. 

It was even a good day at work.  It took me until 4:30, but I finally managed to solve a problem that had been bothering me (and preventing detailed information collection).  Tomorrow I should have data!  Much happy goodness wrapped up in a little database.  Well, I have not actually gotten to the point where I can put the data in the database, but that was the problem.

In case anyone cares, the Byerlys House seasoning is pretty good.  I have used it on pork chops and chicken breasts - it is mild, but adds  a good flavor.