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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
When I got onto the bus this morning I realized that I had forgotten to pack my lunch (consisting mostly of left-over pizza (see previous post)). Oh well. Maybe I will track someone down and have lunch with them.

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Awesome! I'll give you a call in a bit.

That does remind me...

Pick a day next week and Squeaky will learn how to take the bus downtown and we'll have lunch with you.

How about Monday or Thursday?

Either one is equally fine for us. If you really want me to pick one I will, but I expect that your schedule has more potential conflicts than mine.

Monday it is. My Thursday time was just claimed.

Cool! I don't know what time you actually get to break for lunch, or where would be a good place to meet you. I know which building you're in, I've even worked in that building, navigating downtown will not be a problem.

Please drop me an email to let me know what time and what location you'll expect us.

And, another thing... let me know if the TARDIS icon is okay or if you'd like something different.

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