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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
MMM. mle292 aka BGFE made pizza (yes, home-made pizza!) for dinner! And garlic bread! Yummy! Then after paging through a book on tiling that she thoughtfully checked out from the library, and despite my complaints of being tired and sore, we went for a nice walk. It was absolutely beautiful outside. Even though I was cranky (that whole tired and sore thing) the walk was wonderful. Once back, we paged through some of the worst interior designs ever. Oh, and yeah, I gave her unnecessarily huge doses of grief for her cats behaving like... cats.

Now it is nap time.

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Naaa... it was really nice to see you, as always. You didn't seem cranky at all, well, at least no more than usual.

Maybe you're just always cranky... ;P

And, you're willing to entertain the thought of me converting the kitchen cabinets into something that looks like the inside of the TARDIS, so you can't be all bad.

Have a very nice night.

Sweet-- a kitchen that looks like a TARDIS. That would be awesome.
So does that mean you have to wear celery on your lapel or a really long scarf to get in???

Just go old school tardis and pin paper plates to the wall to give it that bumpy 70's look.

Good luck. There was a cool show on the food network about hot trends in kitchan and bath design on Tuesday. I think is was called hot in 2006. It was pretty interesting.

much love krisy

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