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Sick some more
So, the bronchitis I had in December is really kicking my ass this year. This is the second time I have had a cold. I usually get sick about <=1 time per year. This is 3 times in as many months. This blows.

In much better news, just got back from Supercon. Had a great time. Much socializing, flirting, and alcohol. Some very nice scotch and wonderful homebrews. Many thanks to toadnae for making me sign up, and wiredferret for the quick sewing help.

Well, work time.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! That one was taken in Osaka a couple of years ago.

Hey, next time you plan to go conning, let me know! I was home in the Falls this weekend, but maybe at some future date...?

Oh, no. The horror of feeling up your legs while admiring a nicely made kilt!

You're welcome.

and much with the fun meeting of people!

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