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Today: the good things.
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
This morning I was very tired, not sure why, but I managed to drag myself out of bed and get to a seminar from Compuware. It included a free breakfast. And not just the usual donuts and bagels. Cantaloupe with real whipped cream, french toast, coffee, water, orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes. All served to us, not even buffet. Wow. Very sad the turnout was so small, but the information was good. Not really a product I could use in my job, but definitely something the company could use.

Got home, checked email, grabbed a bus 20 minutes later for downtown. Grabbed lunch on the way in, nice custom sandwich from Au Bon Pain. Got a bunch done at the office, delegated some tasks, grabbed the bus home. Had to walk a few extra blocks due to construction, but its all good. Read Queen and Country #30 (Rucka does good - a nice quick single issue story, that still leaves me excited about the comic. Then off to kickboxing. Whew. Warm. Drank 40 oz water during class. As I said when I finished - who put the wading pool under me? And at the class end ... I did offend. Nice bike ride home to cool off, and now I am here. Writing this.

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Could you please pass on a bit of info about the product?

Merci beaucoup.

Glad to hear you are having a good day - solid breakfast and all. So the drug thing continues to suck. Well I have a story to cheer you up - I got a shirt with the owl from the tootsie sucker company and it says "How many licks?" witht the owl picture. Some random dude came up to me and said as long as I don't crunch and go more then 3 we're on. I said no thanks I'll pass. I totally thought of you - although you are becoming more domesticated (thanks MLE :) )
So any takers for the water bed?

Gotta run missing you always krisy

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