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Bed for Sale
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Need to make room in the house for TehDae, so I am attempting to sell the waterbed (for those of you who have been to the house, this is the waterbed from the spare bedroom). It is a tube waterbed, meaning that it has 8 tubes for water, so it is much less wavy than other waterbeds. And it takes normal Queen sheets.


It is local only, so if you know someone around here that needs a bed...

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(Deleted comment)
Aye, they are moving in tentatively mid-fall!

Yeah! And please inform me of the correct pronunciation of TehDae. I keep switching from "to-day" to " Tah-dah!"(as in "Watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat...tah-dah!"). Sometimes I see it in my head as l33t speak as well (t3hDa3)..I'm not sure why.

The epistomology is "The D" and l33t speak, so it goes like this: (at least in my mind)

Teh- (like Ted)
Dae- (like Day)

Which is actually much less cool than it seemed originally, but there it is.

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