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Ah, the US at it's ambassadorial best
from am article on Brown's speech at the UN: [Malloch Brown is the deputy secretary-general]

Of course, Malloch Brown was not so crass as to name Bolton. The clever thing to do would have been to ignore the speech, but since Bolton has all the diplomatic skills of a bull elephant in heat, he rose to the bait...

from http://www.thenation.com/doc/20060626/iwilliams

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Wow. Which one represented the U.S. again? Awww... fuck.

I read the speeches and it's like a brief course on public speaking.

1. He politely and eloquently criticizes while offering concrete and symbolic examples of why it's important to take a different course of action than the current one. He offers suggestions and ideas to improve the situation. Wow. Almost poetic.

2. A whiny, foot stomping tantrum summed up best as "Take it back, you meaniepants!"

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