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Ti Taz
So, last night I stayed late at work to finish a document that needed to get out (that sense of urgency my boss' boss chastised me about). Time logged 10 hours. It is a good document, using bullseye-ese and our new template for said reports. So it really says very little, as required by unwritten corporate policy. Also, I noticed that my "Yellow" condition on the dashboard last week was overruled (I know I updated the document, I even sent an email stating I did). So this week I still marked it "Yellow" and sent an email that I would not update the summary since someone else changed it after the fact for me anyway and no one explained to me why, or even told me.

Too late to go to kickboxing, so I became one with my computers.

A neighbor mentioned that he was active in EVE, so out of pure curiosity I reactived my account and re-downloaded the game. I then cancelled my account about 4 hours later, in order to make sure I did not forget and end up paying another month. Yep, EVE is still very very pretty. And I still had my characters and my full fleet of ships and goodies.
Jennvanaa Sallen -
24million ISK
Battleship - Apoc (fitted for mining, alternately 4xMega's)
Battleship - Tempest 5x1400's, plus cruise missile launchers (plus 3 spare 1400s in storage)
Battlecruiser - Brutix 4x250s? plus 2x close range
Cruiser - Omen (kitted for combat)
Cruiser - Stabber (fitted for mining)
Cruiser - Rupture (kitted for combat)
Elite Frigate - Claw
Frigates -
2x Probes, kitted for speed
1x Burst - for fun
1x Vigilant - for frigate rat hunting
1x Tristan - for frigate rat hunting
Industrials -
2x Bestower
Shuttles -
50+ in all varieties, spread across the whole gorram 'verse.

Then in WoW, I did some skill grinding for my pally while I watched Dr. Who "Paradise Towers" on the other PC. Cranked out another 15 - 20 points in blacksmithing, another 90 in fishing, and additional 106 in cooking (mostly related to the 88 fish I caught). Also managed to make over 2 gold on the AH with left-overs from blacksmithing.

Paradise Towers. And I thought Ace was annoying. Mel is at times a screamy little girl, and then a moment later a brave woman who can shoot a completely foreign weapon and one-shot a robot. She also manages a wardrobe change and back mid-episode. The whole episode I expected Kirk to come out and recite the constitution from memory. I must have missed some important timeline information, because it seems to me that the younger generation learned a mutilated version of english with no comprehension of the original meanings of the words. (Picard, his eyes open) I think it was a combination of referential terms, misuse of language (loss of meaning). The teens were named airduct, fire escape, and some other things.

When I finally slept, i had a dream of a Sylvester McCoy episode where Captain Jack was trapped in the Tardis (as in the Tardis prevented him from walking out the door). Until some giant lizards invaded and then we could all leave the tardis to run from them, and they chased us across a desolate crater landscape.
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Have either of you had a chance to listen to any of the audio adventure MP3's?

Not yet, but I hope that we can get to them this weekend. I've been 'saving' them, I didn't want to listen before he gets to and usually there'd be some time that we could both listen to it. We might have to *gasp* listen seperately.

I will definitely get to some of it before we see you on Sunday, though.

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