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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
With all of the recent posts about bikes...

Last night, after yoga, I worked on my bicycle. I had to unbend a portion of the big gear 9no, i don't know how it got bent in the first place) and then spent some time adjusting the derailleur for the front gear. Grabbed my helmet, filled a water bottle, and rode on the trail to downtown. The around on Hennipen (as an interesting aside - LJ wants to fix this word, and one option is Heinlein) to the new library. Turned around and rode back home. 11+ miles, about an hour or so, with at least 15 minutes tied up wandering downtown. A guy on the bus told me to head off on the dirt trail and come in on 10th. That was cool, but left me woefully unprepared to find my way out again. Once I spotted a fellow biker I got going in the right direction again, and then had my destination confirmed by some helpful bikers whilst we were waiting at a light.

Got home, neighbor was out working on his new retaining wall. We had a beer and chatted for a while. Turns out he is a closet geek and plays EVE Online. So we talked EVE and WoW and drank our beers until it was dark and we both needed to be domestic again and take out our respective garbage. Not to overanalyze the beer, in this case a Mich Golden (from his fridge, not mine). Not too bad when you are sweaty and tired. And a Guinness, which i <3, but to be honest, is a little heavy after 2 hours of working out.

Got to work Today. Hrm. Well, my work request for Server Tech to backup and copy a new binary into place only took 8 business days and an email from my boss to the manager of the Unix team to get done. Once started it took about 20 minutes to complete on two servers. Submitted a Change Request to fix an omission caused by a typo in someone else's Change Request. See, they listed the same name twice (cpgsce02) when it should have been cpgsce02 and cpgsce03. Thus 3 was never scheduled (the scripts exist, but are not on a schedule). So, on 6/16 they will add in the schedule to call cpgsce03 and re-enable 1 and 2 (because we had to disable 1 and 2 since 3 was not running, well, stuff didn't get done correctly).

Also, at some point in time the path and log statements in another bunch of scripts were suddenly updated. I am not sure who would have done such a thing, but I know it wasn't me, because I don't have the password to that account that could change them (oh wait, su logs will show that somehow i did su to that account, i wonder how that happened). It is just that they work now, without a Change Request. I know, I am a bad person. Getting stuff done and all.
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We need to get the bicycles out this coming weekend. A trip to Uptown might be nice.

I totally agree about Guiness. It's a damn good beer, but it is heavy. It's not really a good afterwork beer, it's much nicer in just social settings.

Um, although LJ probably doesn't know the word anyways, you still spelled it wrong. It's "Hennepin".

I think our bikes will be hauled out, cleaned up, and hopefully ridden this weekend.

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