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Weekend was good, even though I did put in three hours of SAS/ksh debugging.

Friday night was lazy after mowing and involved playing on the internet. Saturday I got up, went to Yoga and come home. mle292 was up and about and went out shopping. TehDae slept. A co-worker stopped by and we debugged the SAS/ksh scripts for a few hours.

Later mle292 and I took a nice motorcycle ride out to Wayzata/Lake Minnetonka. Well, it would have been nicer for her if she brought a jacket, but the ride was great for me. Sorry Sweetie. Then there was more playing on the internet. I did about 3 loads of laundry. Sunday was much the same. More laundry. But the BGFE made meals, and delivered them into TehDae and my hands whilst we played on the computers. I did actually do dishes in addition to laundry, and hung the last of my Con art (which had taken up residency next to the sofa for almost a year), so I was not totally useless this weekend. It is mostly a blur though.

Tonight is yoga followed by probably that stock up type Target run.

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your bike ride sounds like fun

Did she purify herself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka???

Glad to hear you are having such a good weekend.

Have you seen Davinci???

Missing you much.

Re: your bike ride sounds like fun


There is not so much interest in Devinci code around here. I figure I will get it from the library and read it sometime. I was told that Angels and Demons was actually a better book, so I might read that instead...

Re: your bike ride sounds like fun

The Code is a great book for light easy reading - very quick. The movie was good too. Sounds like you are busy with work and stuff. Fortunatly my school year is winding down - summer vacation.

So are you going to go see X-men?

I ment to ask did you goto minicon?? How was it??

Are you going to convergence??

much love krisy

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