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Work Stopage
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I sludged into the office this morning after a particularly poor night of sleep.

No update on my SAS jobs. Still do not run. I have offered 3 viable solutions, all have been rejected by the various teams. But not before two teams pointed at the other and said "they do that." I did manage to talk to another team manager, and he thinks that he might be able to get his Sr. Manager to push one of my possible solutions as a temporary fix. So that maybe we can get production reports running again after two weeks of fiddle fucking around with "not my problem," and "that would violate policy," and of course, "well, maybe, but it will take at least two weeks, if it is approved."

Update on my vendor patch - the unix support team rejected my trouble-ticket and asked me to submit a new Work Request instead. So instead of supporting taking the 10 minutes to complete a file backup (rename 1 file) copy 1 file, then stop and start a process, it now goes to another group. They have a normal turn around time of 3-5 days.

Apparently the security team has started updating the unix accounts without notifying us. And in this case it means basically the push a new /etc/passwd /etc/group and shadow files to each server. So, if you know unix, you know that means they crushed my passwords, rendering my account useless until such time as they deem to tell me what my new password might be. That might take 3-5 days.

So, I can do documentation. I cannot work on my DB stuff (Perl DBI is not in the build, and the firewall on my laptop is locked so I cannot download CPAN or ActivePerl packages (ppm is not allowed through). I asked the Software Deployment team to get those for me, they told me to create a trouble ticket to have my firewall modified. Did I mention I cannot change it myself, they application is centrally controlled.

I cannot work on my automations, see above problems with SAS and Unix passwords. I could log onto the mainframe, but I have already updated that file with everything from this week. But I cannot push the changes, see SAS issues above. I could log onto the other mainframe and run the SAS jobs for someone else, but my account on that machine does not have authority to submit those jobs. I can save them, but not submit.

I think I will go out for coffee and come back in about 2 hours for my status meeting.

If one person so much as hints to one of our favourite corporate motto's, they might find themselves on the bad side of some live kick-boxing practice.

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It seems that you mentioned that there was one possible solution that was supposed to take three weeks, and it was determined to be unacceptable at the time.
Maybe just do that one because that's how long it will probably take to get an expidited solution anway. ;)
Seriously though - Fuckers.

Enjoy your coffee!

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