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Work Projects
Great Wall
So help me, I am positively giddy. I just had a dev/project team send me their current user load, plus projections through 2010. Growth rates, peak v. non-peak usage on a daily basis. Peak months, peak days. Now they are going to start delving into peak v. average hours for users of their application! Wow, and I did not even have to ask them. They are now officially my poster child for how a dev team should work, and what they should give me if they want to model system capacity metrics. A plan, growth, user base, peaks and averages! Whee!

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JAS. Including Kiosk and Online.

Sent a Great Team card yet?

*snicker* You are SUCH a process geek. :D

Uhh...yeah. Who wouldn't be...giddy about that....

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