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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Saturday was gaming day, in which we covered a good chunk of section B of The Worlds Largest Dungeon. If I had paid money for this module, I would have been stalking the authors in order to punch them. Possibly repeatedly. But we had fun none the less. Much beer was consumed, and so were huge amounts of MSG.

Before gaming, I went to yoga (Hatha Yoga - good stuff) and then went to Uptown to visit my favourite bookstore - Dreamhaven. Talked to people for a while, then home for gaming.

While we played, mle292, the Best Girlfriend Ever, changed the oil in my car. Very cool. TehDae and a friend of hers worked on a diorama for a school project, and we did not get in each-others way at all. They even managed to clean up from the construction pretty darn well, with a big hand from mle292.

Sunday was yummy pancakes made fresh by BGFE. Then she took TehDae home in order to get that good teenager at home rest time. I worked on the yard, did dishes, did laundry, then off to kickboxing to round out the night. I did not sleep well, and mle292 passed a rather minor head-cold on to me, so I called in sick, napped, and played around on the computers. I need to run off to the shipping place soon, then maybe yoga tonight.

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mle292 passed a rather minor head-cold

Okay, I know how you got the germs but how did she give the germs to me?

I think I don't have anything as bad as what you've got. I feel mostly fine except that my entire head is encased in snot.

Thanks honey! It's always nice to hear good things said about me. :)

Thanks for letting us use your home, and keeping an eye on Squeaky while I had to be away at The Scavenger Hunt. I really appreciated it.

I hope you're feeling better by now, my head cold is pretty much gone now, hopefully yours won't linger.

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