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More on drugs
what the... What The... WHAT THE FUCK?!

My new prescription was denied by my insurance. Apparently they have sent me a letter to tell me that they simply do not want to part with the money that I have given them in the form of insurance premiums. Pigfuckers. Diseased-donkey-felchers. Now I must wait for said letter since I do not know the language of said letter before I launch into an unholy tirade against them. And I hate waiting.

Confusion Reigns. It is like something big broke and everyone is pointing and saying NOT ME!!! Go over there; call someone else!

So, the evil empire controls Dr visits. Another company has prescriptions. Said other company has their own mail-order. The bullseye uses their own mail-order pharmacy. Said pharmacy benefits company has not trained their people to understand that because bullseye employees use their own mail-order and not said pharmacy benefits company's mail-order that mail-order claims should not be auto-rejected and you should not tell people they are not covered. Further, bullseye team member service organization should probably learn that themselves, so they do not dispense poorly worded, if not outright wrong information.

I had to call the my Doctor, Pharmacy Benefits company, team member services, and then Mail-order pharmacy to get an answer. And actually, a supervisor/manager type from mail-order had to call me back to figure it out. He said they are dealing with this at least 10 times a day and no one else has figured it out.

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Ooof. So sorry about that. My father had a recent experience like this. Then the doctor had to jump through some hoop and then he got them. Hope you can fix this.


Now there's a phrase one doesn't hear often.

I hope this works out for you, V. -- that sucks.

I had to get a specific Doctor's order to get a non-generic immunosuppressant. Of course, taking a generic could put me into organ rejection.


I see that you have the same insurance company we do. They are SOOOO special.

Well I guess this calls for a road trip to Mexico.

How familiar are you with the term "mule" and can you swallow balloons??

Sorry the meds are all screwed up. I wish you were feeling better and didn't have to have them in the first place.
Just remeber the advise we recieved in high school from the brain trusts with pom poms "Go fight WIN."

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