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I are a Geek
I was playing with the new Browser on my PSP last night. It has tabbed browsing. Is IE the only think now that does not? But wait, that will be in the next version :)

I set it up to talk to (default) SonyPSP site and download wallpaper and videos for it, and I also logged into Yahoo and Google to get my mail. Nifty. It can be a PDA, IFF you have WiFi access and your stuff on a web site.

Next up, LJ!

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(Deleted comment)
With very crappy text entry. Mein Got! Have you found a quicker way of 'typing' in a new character from the same symbol? as in 'aa'? Right now I hit X on the "2 button", arrow up and over to the "->" key, hit X, then back to 2 and hit X again....

I read in one of the Hacking PSP books that there is a device that can be used to make the PSP a USB Host. Right now it is only a Device. (I am pretty sure those are not the correct terms for USB communication, but you get the idea). As such, it cannot be directly connected to a USB keyboard (and not just because the connection would require some sort of converter), but both are 'devices' and the PSP would not recognize the keyboard. In other words, it would be just like connecting to data fobs.

I have not yet tried the RSS feeds. Once I find a feed that I like, I will plug one in. Any suggestions?

posting from PSP now. is teh suck. at least it can be done.

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