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Been a month
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Well, it has been a month since I written anything down, and I have been sick (bronchitis sucks huge diseased donkey dick). It knocked me on my ass for 2 and a half weeks. Just as I started recovering I started my new job, so I will no longer be traveling many weeks for work. More time to spend at the club, at the dojo, and with friends! YAY!

I would not be working for a mega-corp, if stuff like this didn't happen. First day on the job the Directors admin tells me we will probably be moving (up the tower about 10 floors). No biggy, it's not like in the 2 hours I have gotten used to my cube. We should, if the rumors are true, be up there in 2 - 3 months. Then, a week into my employment, we get a new manager. That is ok too, as the manager I had (the one that hired me) I only talked to during the interview, and he had been out sick since I started. Hrm. This is week three, so I wonder what will change. Oh yes, instead of having a regular manager between me and the new manager (which was the old way), there will be a new regular manager over her other team. YAY us! So, Tuesday is over, only two working days left this week (and year as well), I wonder what else will change before New Years Eve? I am glad I know how to embrace change.

I also fired up Diablo 2 again today. Started a druid. played for about 1.5 hours. Got to level 9 I think. Fun little game. Now I remember why I played so much. Oh well. Good diversion whilst sleeping off XP debt in EQ2.

Later all. I need a nap.