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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Last night I was lifting. My mind started wandering and I was thinking why am I here? Not in the big cosmic sense, but what am I doing lifting. Note to self: When chest pressing 185 pounds and the bar is only half way up and is currently above your chest and neck is not the time to have thoughts like that. So I quickly channeled some Henry Rollins, "Iron doesn't lie" and kicked out another 4 to complete the set. Then I thought about it when there was a meager 60# of dumbbells above my skull. I gave it some thought on the drive home along the lines of I already spend 3 days a week kickboxing, and C is about to start yoga classes too (2-3 days per week). Hmmm. Then I got home and turned on my phone to several vms, and ran off to mle292's. If you need to know why you can read her post.
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For anyone who's curious, vanaabegra came over to wash my dishes yesterday.

Isn't that nice?

Why were you lifting? :) You used to tell me it was because you were vain.

Why do you lift? You're probably an endorphin junkie.

I probably wouldn't quit lifting altogether, if you're thinking of adding yoga at the Cove, but maybe go to a slower rotation. Enough to maintain, but not so much that your every free hour is in some gym or another. But what do I know, I barely make it to kickboxing twice a week and do nothing for resistance training.

Personally I'd like to go back to shinbudo or pick up escrima, but that would be instead of at least one kickboxing night and I don't think S wants to change our schedule. She's interested in yoga, but the proposed timeslots kinda suck.

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