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From the "Well, Duh" department
First of all, asking me if I want to ....

Ok, back on topic for a minute:
Aussie study find god hates you. Oh, I mean doesn't care. Oh, wait, maybe it is just that prayer does not help, since well neither does talking to the wall, which is about the same, except that people talking to the wall do not expect anything.


Sorry, not an Aussie study, it was actually here in the US, which is amazing they have the balls to say it. I just read it in an Aussie paper. Which was actually a better article than from "God Weekly," er, I mean Time. "Science Fails to Disprove God" was there opening sentence? Huh? I did not think that it was science's job to disprove god. I thought it was a religions job to prove it. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Like a dead god falling into the ocean. Which was good book by the way (from what I remember of it)

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Reminds me of a joke I read a month or so ago, goes something like this:

A reporter is doing a story on religion in Jerusalem and goes to the Western Wall several times to interview worshipers. One particularly old man is there every time, and the reporter approaches him.
Reporter: I see you here every time, how long have you been coming to the Western Wall to pray?
Old Man: Since I was a little boy.
Reporter: What do you pray for?
Old Man: Peace in the Middle East, banishment of hunger and want in the world, love among all peoples.
Reporter: How does your time here make you feel?
Old Man: Like I'm talking to a fucking wall.

That's almost like sleeping, only not.

Oh, wait, maybe it is just that prayer does not help,

And faith healing does actual HARM by telling people that they're 'cured' when they need actual medical attention.

How many people have suffered because instead of going to a hospital, they've prayed, or someone has prayed on their behalf?

I do like the summary that "God hates you". Wait... maybe he just hates the Aussies, and everyone in the Middle East and Rwanda, and the Minnesota Vikings.

Re: That's almost like sleeping, only not.

On one of several atheist blogs I frequent, there was some discussion about the validity of prayer studies themselves. Most are conducted in a very sloppy way, compared to actual scientific studies. Stuff isn't controlled for, because when you don't have an actual theory of the mechanism involved, what the hell are you controlling for? Will one guy praying the wrong thing muck it up? How about praying to the wrong god? It's just all methodological masturbation.

Hey, since I'm clearly not spamming this thread enough...

From the NYT article on this study:
"In another of the study's findings, a significantly higher number of the patients who knew that they were being prayed for — 59 percent — suffered complications, compared with 51 percent of those who were uncertain. The authors left open the possibility that this was a chance finding. But they said that being aware of the strangers' prayers also may have caused some of the patients a kind of performance anxiety."

Heh. Clearly means god hates that 8% just a little bit more than the others.


towing jehovah is a wonderful book. have you read only begotten daughter and bible stories for adults? also quite fun...

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