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Good workout
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Despite not having a trainer, I still know what I am doing. Since we were in a strength phase, I decided to stick with that for a while. Strength phases for me go about 1-2 months, then I go back to endurance or cardio.

Bench Press. Been a long time, buddy. Need to see if I can get back to where I was, after several months of no real strength phase. Worked my way up, started with a pair of 45s, (bar weighs 45 too). Eight. Added 50 (25 each side). 4. Added 20 (10 each side) for my old total, 205. Once. Hrm, last time I did 3 of them. Step the weight down to the original 135. Not happy, so I grabbed a pair of 40# dumbbells and did two sets to 12 of single arm flies on the stability ball.

Alternated 2 sets of pull-ups (8 each) and dips (12 each).

Alternated 2 sets with 30# dumbbells of shoulder press (12 each) and curls (8 each).

Thought about heading out and realized I had not yet hit the legs or abs (except the balance aspect of the stability ball flies).

Oh, my friend the hip sled. Time to push. Hard. Loaded up 6x45 each side. 540#. A dozen. Well, that was easy. Grab another 45# per side. 630# (a new personal best). Hmmm, another 12. Okies. Another 45# per side. 720# (yep, another personal best). 8. That's better. Stretch. Unload the machine.

Hamstring curls, 2 set of 110#, which is mostly irrelevant since each machine for these is different.

Ahh, Calves. You know, i love doing calves. Keeps me looking good in a kilt. The machine maxes at 400# (which I have done in the past). Two sets at 400#. Next time I need to drop that down and go single leg.

20 crunches, 20 left side, 20 right side, 20 more. Stretch, shower, go out in the rain. Come home to mle292 cooking veggie fried rice. Which is now almost done! :)

Time to go!

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I got a workout reading your workout.

I am so lazy and uninspired. I just want to sleep and then
sleep some more.

Hey how is your sleep coming along????

love ya krisy

See, you know what you are doing. Consistancy and determination. Good job!

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