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Dinner last night
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I had a wonderful dinner at Moscow on the Hill with mle292 and kalmn. Kal and I drank flavored Vodkas and MLE had beer. We had a Pirogi appetizer and I had a very nice Pelmeni for dinner. It was nice. We talked religion, politics, and lj drama, and of course, there was smoffing, although quite limited.

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Probably the only resturant in the twin cities with pictures of Lenin on the walls. That was awesome!

oh this is so weird but I *believe* kalmn is who i'm moving in with in May (based on her lj first name and the bit in her blog about a the housemate moving in in May)

This town is too freaking small

Yes, she is! Your name came up at dinner last night. :)

Basically, I told her that you're an awful person and you'll make a terrible roommate.

well as long as you told the truth

Well, okay, maybe we talked about that she was really happy when it turned out that you weren't someone she had to explain what a volunteer run science-fiction convention is.

But, that version isn't nearly as exciting.

It is kalmn with whom you are to be flatmates. I was going to post this under the apple-crisp post, but I was going to say that if you moved in at my house you too could have apple-crisp for breakfast! But that would be silly for many many reasons. First and foremost since I do not have a room for let. Well, there is a spare room, but where would the girl sleep? On the couch? Or chaise or futon I suppose. But why am I even thinking about it? Oh, yeah, I really do not want to think about work (see my other post) :)

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