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Good Weekend
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
mle292 and I slept in. When we did get up, we made coffee and she made very tasty blueberry pancakes. We took a nice walk and later I went to kickboxing. When I got home, she was making very tasty veggie quesadilla's. Then while she surfed, I played some CoH with jschmidt and some of our other friends.

Saturday was a lazy day, mle292 had class from OMG-early until 4pm, so I cleaned and did laundry and played CoV. I seem to be taking a break from WoW after the Guild implosion on Suramar and Cenerious (and Emerald Dream for that matter). Glad to see the guild is still active on Thunderhorn. I will be spending more time there from now on, even if jschmidt and I find a new guild for Suramar/Emerald. If not, I will just hand on to those and play if he is looking for a friendly. Anyway, we went to our favourite Indian place for dinner, and had the leftovers for lunch on Sunday. After dinner we watched Good Night and Good Luck. I had a different opinion that M, you can read about her view on her blog. I am not going to say much more than I enjoyed it.

Friday night was dinner and a movie with mle292, jschmidt and S. We watched "The Last Party" which is a documentary about the 2000 election. I liked it. Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) is in it and the main documentor. Then we watched Dr. Who and Bill Maher.

Next weekend should prove to be interesting, as the girl gets back from the band trip on Friday AM and will be around for the weekend. But before we get there, tonight is dinner with mle292 and kalmn!

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I'm taking a little break from WoW after the guild drama. Eventually I may seek out another guild on Suramar, but I may just go it alone. It isn't as though PUGs are hard to find for most quests that need it, and 90% of the content is soloable anyways. Since I haven't the patience for raids, that means I don't really need a guild at all.

"Last Party 2000" is also known as "The Party's Over", which is the DVD release title.

I thought I remembered you calling it something else! IMDB does not list an alternate title.


Well, I'll be. I didn't see that on there before, I swear.

Clearly IMDB is wrong. ;)

Sounds like you had an excellent weekend! The whole guild mess is a lot of why I've never been interested in WoW; I don't have the time or the patience to mess with guild politics. I get more than enough politics with conventions!

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