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End of an Era
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I have had a personal trainer with whom I have met for about 4 years. I have actually had 3. The first one left to pursue her Masters and Physical Therapy work, the next one took a job at another club where she had more responsibility, and I have been with Sally for quite a while now.

Ever since I stopped traveling 50%+, I have been spending like I was getting quarterly travel bonuses and having half my meals covered. I went from 0 (yes, zero) credit card debt to over... well, more than my car is worth. This needed to stop. I was living like a typical American and overextending myself. I have cut down on plenty of extraneous spending, cutting down easy places like DVD and CD purchases, cutting out MMOs that I no longer played often, and recently cutting out lattes in favor of plain old coffee (and attempting to take advantage of discounted or free refills). But I still don't drink that crap in the cafeteria.

Well, the easy stuff out of the way, and over 80% of tax return to debt reduction, now the hard decision. Dropping my Personal Trainer. Without that cost, I should be able to get back on top of my credit card and get it to 0, as well as pay off my motorcycle this year (car has been paid off for quite a while). Then I can work on the HELOC. Aggressive, and I am sure plenty of financial planners would rather see it go into a roth or other investment, but hey, it's me....

There, more of my money issues than you ever wanted to know.
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kalmn is absolutely right.

Think of it this way - paying off a debt that charges eight percent interest per year has a guranteed return of eight percent. No matter what.

And, as you already know, the best financial advice comes from electricians or Chinese food delivery drivers.

I'm glad you are taking responsibility for your financial life. It's hard work and I know first hand what you are going through, but once you get that monkey off your back you'll feel so good about yourself. I STILL to this day miss my gym membership and personal trainer, but I am also smart, and so are you. You don't REALLY need a trainer. You have all the knowledge and the discipline. Go for it, good for you.

yeah it's difficult to think of those choices but you have to weigh the debt and the benefits of the trainer or your lattes etc.

Good for you though on prioritizing.

Wow. End of an era is right! I'm glad to hear that you're staying on top of your finances -- good for you. I suppose you could look at it as now you have even greater flexibility in when you work out. :)

I haven't seen any posts from theatre nerd?

Good for you about the debt, it is such a heavey burden.
When is mini con???
Have a great weekend.

Think of you often, much love

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