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BattleStar Galactica
I have finished the season finale for BSG, so let the discussion and spoilers commence. Let me caveat that by saying I have not seen all the episodes - when my DVR failed me (meaning I failed to clean up months of unwatched TV and it didn't know that BSG was more important than other things) I missed several episodes in the middle, so I am going back and watching those to "fill-in." Yeah, in my copious spare time...

In other media news, I found and re-downloaded Troops, and their new series - IMPS. Good stuff. I highly recommend them to any Star Wars fan. I have them on my PSP, and maybe TehDae would appreciate them, or I could put them on CD for her and bring it tonight...

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(Deleted comment)
First episode is out. It is very well done.

I hope that the first eps next season rewind to the Cylon reform launched by Six and Eight. I really enjoyed the "Downloaded" episode and would love to see more of how Cylon society works. I don't have a theory right now on why the Cylons invaded again. They want something, or are looking for someone, otherwise they'd just bomb New Caprica City from orbit and be done with it. Maybe they doubt that the hybrid child is actually dead? Maybe instead of militant monotheists they're now militant atheists and have come to drag humanity kicking and screaming into the, uh, what century is this supposed to be? Maybe they're just lonely, or the third leg (Five, yeah it gets confusing) of the apparent new triumverate wants some hot Cylon-on-human sex like Six and Eight had?

Sometimes Mommy's not very smart.

I'm sure the girl would greatly appreciate Troops. ;) She's seen it before, but not for a while.

She also wants you to help her mommy figure out how to view such media files.

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